Live-Culture Cuisine Workshops in Bali

The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Fermented Foods & Beverages

Feb 17, 18, and 19, 2012
10 – 4pm
Villa Anandavana
Jalan Raya Sayan (across from Gaya Restaurant)

Ubud, Bali, Indoneisa

Culinary traditions around the world harness the transformative power of microorganisms in order to create compelling flavors, produce wines, preserve food, and make food more digestible. Join world-renowned fermentation revivalist Sandor Ellix Katz and culinary educator Mary Jane Edleson for a hands-on exploration of this important practice in Ubud, Bali, in February 2012.

Sandor and Mary Jane will be offering three one-day workshops. Each day will be a full experiential immersion workshop, with lunch and tastings included. A broad overview of fermentation, its practical benefits, and its importance in human cultural evolution will be provided.

Each workshop will feature a hands-on main focus area, balanced with exposure to a broad spectrum of other fermentation techniques from around the world.

Special Day Focus:

(more details of each day’s workshop program….)

All workshops will include the following:

  • Introduction to Fermentation, History, Use in Traditional Food & Culture, Environmental Health, Human Health Benefits, and Basic Concepts & Techniques.
  • Introductions to:
    • Fermented Beverages & Vinegars
    • Fermented Vegetables & Condiments
    • Brining Pickles
    • Mustards
    • Nut Cheeses & Spreads
    • Soaking & Sprouting Techniques
    • Sourdoughs
    • Fermented Grain Pancakes & Steambreads
    • Tempeh & Oncom
    • Miso & Soy Sauce

About the presenters:

  • Sandor Ellix Katz, author and self-described “fermentation fetishist”, has explored fermentation out of overlapping interests in cooking, nutrition, gardening, and self-healing. Katz travels extensively in the United States, giving lectures and demonstrations, spreading the gospel of sauerkraut, dill pickles, and all foods transformed and ennobled by bacteria. His two books—“Wild Fermentation” and “The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved”—have become manifestos and how-to manuals for a generation of underground food activists.  A native of New York City, Katz is a resident steward of Short Mountain Sanctuary, an intentional living community in the wooded hills of Tennessee.
  • Mary Jane Edleson, author, culinary educator, cook & organic gardener, has spent the last 30 plus years investigating food and its relationship to culture.  She has studied culinary arts at several international institutes, including being a certified chef  & instructor in raw food from the renowned Living Light Institute in California. Resident of Singapore and Bali, Mary Jane is the founder of  Amertha Studios, focused on art, cuisine and healthier living. She is also the Convivium Leader of Slow Foods Ubud.

For workshop registration or more information, contact Amertha Studios. Registration is limited, available on a first come, first served basis.

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